We’re off…

Well the day has finally arrived. I always feel quite apprehensive at this stage with all sorts of ‘what if’ scenarios rolling around in my head. But there are no adventures in your comfort zone, so…

India, here we come!

Our plan so far…

We start our journey in New Delhi, staying a few days, settling in and exploring the city. Then we head off by train to Agra, to see the Taj, of course. Following that we will head to Ranthambore National Park  hoping to spot a tiger or two.

From there we will travel around Rajasthan, finishing in Jaipur, then flying south to Kochi (Cochin) in Kerala. We will travel around the state of Kerala for a week or so, heading out to the backwaters and up into the hill country around Ooty. Next we head across to Chennai and Pondicherry (Poducherry) on the east coast. After all of those dosa we might feel like a croissant or a baguette in Pondicherry. 🙂

Next we fly to Kolkata to check out the best street food in the world, with a possible side trip to the Sundarbans wetlands, yet to be decided.

Then we take the overnight Darjeerling Mail train to New Jalpaiguri, and make our way up into the foothills of the Himalayas. By then I’m sure we will be ready for some cool weather. After that we think we will head east to Meghalaya to explore some of the more remote parts of the country.

Next stop Delhi, with a flight out to Colombo for a two week sojourn in Sri Lanka, staying at Trincomalee on the east coast. This time we hope to feel fit enough to tackle Sigiriya.

Finally, back to Delhi to catch our flight out to Hong Kong for a 4 day stopover on our way home. Phew!

making new plans

Well after 18 odd years, my time at my corporate job has come to an end. Not sure what the future holds, but at this stage the plans for India are uppermost in our minds. The itinerary is taking shape, and I’ve added some extra pages to the blog page, so you can see some of our earlier exploits. This retrospective is not finished yet, but some progress has been made. Check out the Previous Adventures pages. (Work in progress while The Wise One tracks down old photos)

Preparations are underway

Neil (henceforth known as The Wise One) and I (Sue) are going to India. Wow! I can’t believe it; I have always wanted to go there ever since studying a tiny bit of Indian history in High School, and that was an eternity ago.

We are senior independent travellers who love an adventure, love great food and interacting with the locals. The itinerary is still in flux, but we hope to have it sorted soon, so we can post a map.

I have had my jabs but The Wise One is still thinking about it. Those who know him, will know why. 🙂

Our passports are renewed and flights are booked. We leave in mid March, so follow us to the wonderfully diverse, colourful and ancient land of Bharat, and see what we get up to. Namaste.

Passport Ready