Last day in Hong Kong – one chapter closes

Hong Kong have a great service where you can take your luggage and check it in for your flight at the MTR station. This is available at Hong Kong station and Kowloon station, so you go there and they have airline check in desks, and you show your boarding pass and they send your luggage off to the airport. It’s brilliant, especially if you have to check out of your hotel long before your flight. Then you can wander around unencumbered, and catch the Airport express train to the terminal later.

So, after checking our luggage in, we spent the rest of our last day in Hong Kong with Neil’s cousin Rod and his wife Bles, and they took us out to Stanley on the island where we wandered around the shops, and had some lunch on the waterfront, and also saw some dragon boat racing. It was a lovely day and such a nice way to finish our holiday.

The start
The finish line
The disappointment

Out of the plane window, on our way home I noticed Venus had risen just before dawn as we crossed central Australia. Managed to take this very freaky looking shot using my iPhone zoom, no filters.

Now we are home, the house feels strange, it seems bigger, perhaps because we have been living in hotel rooms for almost two months. The next chapter begins. Time to face the reality that I am unemployed; so perhaps there is another blog to come…the experiences of an older person after redundancy, trying to carve out a new career and find their creative side. Lol. 🙂 We’ll see. Until then, au revoir.

One thought on “Last day in Hong Kong – one chapter closes

  1. Hello Sue, and I guess commiserations are in order as you reach the end of your adventure. Because of a delicate work situation, we can’t put it on our blog yet, but our date is sorted for retirement, leaving the rat race and just wandering off across the world. Michaela and I have so enjoyed following your blog, it’s been enlightening and amusing but also brought back many memories of our own travels. We’ll continue to follow, of course, so look forward to hearing more. As for us….220 days and counting….


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